4 Valuable Lessons We Can Learn From Mercedes-Benz

I’m a huge admirer of German automobiles, Audi, BMW, and Mercedes-Benz and, in particular, Mercedes-Benz. In my youth, I believed that Henry Ford invented the motor automobile, and I discovered that Karl Benz actually did, around 1886, while Henry Ford was still playing with Lego. To not be down on Henry who was a genius, he actually came up with the production line that speeded up the production of all automobiles.

I’m not sure when exactly I first began to adore and admire Mercedes-Benz above all others, but I can give you the reason… Visit:- https://ngoisao3canh.vn/

They have put a couple of principles into practice and have made some decisions that I respect and I believe we can all learn from.

1. They are pioneers.

Mercedes-Benz has been the first to pioneer automotive technological advances than other car manufacturer. On the auto forums, people attack Merc and say that they’re copying others either in design or technological aspects. I always counter that, even if this were true they are entitled to claim that they invented the car, and every car maker, just by producing automobiles, are copying their designs.

That’s just some light hearted joke but the truth is that Mercedes were pioneers. They developed the engine ignition system , so you don’t need to start the engine with a wrench, created the first supercharged automobile, pioneered crumple zones, invented ABS for cars, were the first to introduce airbags in Europe as well as the collapsible steering column , as well as the Electronic Stability Program (ESP) that was later made available in other cars by many other names , such as DSC and this is just a small list.

Innovation comes at a price However, it’s well worth it. Mercedes is the most expensive of other company on Research and Development (these days , it’s approximately R90 million per day! In 2006, they spent R140 million a day on the research and development) and so they walk away with less profit, but in the minds of most of the world’s population Mercedes has a reputation of high-end, respect, and admiration right up there with Bentley or Rolls Royce.

When someone has to reference a benchmark, you’ll only get one of two answers: They are one of the Rolls Royce of their field, or they are an Mercedes Benz of their field.

In a testimony to Mercedes their pioneering spirit See how much of the technology in Bentley and Rolls Royce was conceived and developed by Mercedes-Benz. You’ll note that this distinction isn’t applicable the other way around. Another proof point is that approximately 90% of statesmen and princes (presidents or diplomats, rulers, ministers, kings, queens, chancellors) are chauffeured or drive by the Mercedes-Benz S-Class or Maybach.

2. They are not selfish nor greedy.

The aspect of Mercedes I love and am awed by more than anything else this is something that no other car maker in my experience has done, is that they license their safety technology for use by their competitors.

This meant that other automobile manufacturers could make use of Mercedes safety technology within their own cars, without having to pay royalties to Merc. That means that many people are alive today, many of their children can be alive in the present, thanks to Mercedes’ pioneering technology present inside Volvo, BMW, Audi etc etc etc.

Okay, corporate greed is everywhere , and I’m not going to claim that Mercedes do not try to maximize their profits like any other automobile maker, or for that matter any other maker. But licensing your safety tech to other companies, something you have spent millions and millions in the development of, isn’t something a business that has greed at its core does.

3. It’s crucial to pick your mentors and leaders extremely meticulously

Mercedes-Benz had the most ugly period of their history, between 1995 to 2005. Unfortunately it was the wrong person appointed to lead the company and a person who did not understand the principles of excellence. He decided that Mercedes had to cut expenses in order to increase their profit. Mercedes declined in customer satisfaction levels until they were at the lowest. It’s an incredible testimony to Mercedes’ established reputation that they were able to make it through this time with no damage.

Then a new CEO took the reins – a man who understands excellence very, very clearly, and Mercedes has never created better cars in its history even though with electronics and computers, it’s harder than ever to achieve this because there are many more opportunities for errors and bugs to occur.

The most recent innovation by Mercedes as of the moment is PRE-SAFE, a safety system that goes beyond protecting you in the event of a collision, it actually anticipates the impact and then prepares the seating position , airbags. It also closes the sunroof and windows, and fires the seatbelt pre-tensioners BEFORE the crash takes place. If the crash does not occur and the systems do not fail to reset, they will be reset to normal.

The engineering and materials are now top of the line The decade prior has become a bad memory.

4. They are a family-oriented society.

Couples typically lose the love and spark in their marriage because they don’t have the same goal and vision of their future. In the end, they’ll say things like, “I just don’t love her/him anymore” or “We just drifted apart over time”! So, yeah, don’t let it happen. Your family should be a part of your life story. Don’t view your husband or wife as a separate person from your life’s purpose. We’re called to accomplish this work together.

If you study the Mercedes-Benz story there is the family theme all through. Bertha Benz drove Karl’s vehicle for a long distance on an extremely well-publicized tour. In the past, people didn’t know about the gasoline engine, and believed that it was driven by spirits. They were extremely skeptics.

Bertha Benz’s excursion, undertaken by her husband without his knowledge and made people feel less hesitant about the idea of driving a car. Their curiosity was peaked and set the stage for the success.

Other family names in the fascinating story of Mercedes Benz include its very name. Mercedes Jellinek was the daughter of Emil Jellinek. Emil Jellinek was a wealthy man who drove the early Daimler engine innovations as he raced Daimler’s cars and required increasing speed.

Gottlieb Daimler developed an automobile design around the same time frame as Karl Benz, but since Daimler’s was a converted horse carriage instead of an entirely designed chassis similar to Karl Benz’s, Karl Benz was credited as the inventor of modern automobiles.

One of the Daimler engines had been named in honor of Emil Jellinek’s daughters Mercedes. Eventually Emil Jellinek named his racing team Mercedes. He obviously loved his daughter. At some point, Karl Benz merged his company with Daimler’s to form Daimler-Benz.

I don’t know about yours, but family is very important to me and this element of the Mercedes-Benz tradition sets them above all the others in my opinion. To me Ferrari and Mercedes have the most reason to be proud of and boast the most extensive traditions of all car companies however, even Ferrari isn’t able to claim to be the one to have invented the automobile;)

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