Comfort Food Addiction and Stress Link

The term “comfort food addiction” is characterized with these characteristics. Food products that have an excessive amount of fat, sugar, salt and other chemicals which have been processed to increase the flavor and enhance it exceed the normal levels in food. Due to the high levels of fat, sugar and salt as well as other chemicals the body’s chemistry shifts to adapt to the affects of digesting these foods , which has the affect of physically changing the chemical composition of the body. Visit:-

Once the bodies chemistry has changed which affects emotional and mental connection to eating comfort food and relaxation through repeated eating comfort food to reinforce of behaviour with comfort food the mind learns to relax before it even gets into the habit of eating comfort food. The experience creates a mental addiction and behaviour.

The way that comfort food impacts relaxation is through the reduction of energy in the body which is caused by the affect of changing ones chemical makeup and also the brain interprets the chemical changes as relaxing. All addictions are rooted in mental or physical state that causes stress in the shoulders of the body and body tension, and spirit energy force between the body and mind which is sustained by their breathing patterns which help to support the addiction. It is the interplay of the three factors that need to be address to change persons compulsive behavior. The ability of the individual spirit to influence their physical, mental and emotional reality has to be developed and integrated otherwise you struggle with addiction but not overcome your addiction. The ability to enhances ones personal spirit force is directly linked to the ability to breathe deeply for in order to do it at the highest level , the entire body is engaged in every breath, and the mind is fully aware (conscious doesn’t think, but being in the moment, which allows you to think while feeling the body your body) of your experience while taking the breath. The clarity of breath and the spirit are inextricably linked to its force within and being express with each exhale.

With time, the brain and body adapt its taste perception to cope with foods that are comforting over active taste which has the affect of numbing the mouth and tong to the point that a person will find it difficult to detect anything apart from processed foods. Due to altered taste, people will always choose processed foods over other food items because it’s the only time they’re able to taste the food. Foods that haven’t been processed can be tasteless and therefore not appealing to eat. It takes time to recover taste once person stop snacking on comfort food.

It is a matter of mindless eating. eating comfort food just to taste is not the issue . The issue is creating a chemical induce emotional tranquility is. The food is consumed as one is contemplating emotionally and is in a lonely. Then there are the times when you are with friends at gatherings and eating comfort food items, with its flavorful sugar, salt and fat. One of the best times to consume comfort food is during the entertainment of watching T.V. The attention of the mind is not about eating food but in conjunction of doing others emotionally. Comfort food becomes a relaxing cluing for entertainment as the person is mindlessly eating in order to relax the mental state. It creates an emotional reality about the foods you love that drive your eating, to create an emotional cluing experience that is possible to recreate. Since eating is an emotionally charged physical experience , and a behavior that is learned and mastered, one can substitute the old one with a energetic experience with food. They can also find a way to emotionally balance their wants and desires by looking for ways to improve every method they employ to create their relationship with food. In the life of a person, there is a rule that says “a person is greater then the some of their behavior”, for people have their spirit to work from to change their behavior if they can tap into the power of their positive force in their consciousness.

Indulging in comfort food while your mind wanders or to be engaged is a typical behavior. If your 35 pounds or more overweight, you’re hooked to the chemical emotional change which occurs when you eat the comfort food you like. To break the cycle of addiction, a person needs to devise a plan in place that impacts them personally physically, as well as emotionally, for them to be successful in the long run. Finding the right program for you is just the first of overcoming addiction. It’s just the beginning step. To get rid of addictive behaviors and the thoughts that fuel a person, they have change their psychological and physical energy interactions between the brain and body. There are short-term gains and long-term impacts, but to be most impactful, one must create their own personal program within themselves to alter their emotional reality into one that is positive with a love of what they do. If you’re addicted to drugs, your outlook is determined by the emotions that are triggered by your addiction. it is impossible to create an emotional shift in your life. Addiction holds your emotional reality and time at a certain point, affecting your spirituality to create your emotions with time and becoming impermanent. Addiction hinders the development of an expansive range of emotions about life as well as the creative power of being spiritual in what you do for pleasure.

Developing your program to change your eating habits, there needs to be a plan that affects your emotional, physical, and physical interrelations with food. The act of eating is an emotional one and you can see the various senses engaged when person is working on food. So the question is: what emotions during the time of eating does a person want to create when they are consumed by food and eating? People create an event with food that is comforting and easy, yet very stimulating when its eaten with your hands or licking using a tong. Example can be seen with cake. There are two ways of eating it. One way is on plate that is set up and the other way is to pick it up, and then feel the sensation of eating in your hand and put it into your mouth. Use of the hands is an emotional connection that is powerful to comfort food. Here is a test for the your emotional connection with how you eat your food, which affects your emotional response to the food. If you use your hands to eat your comfort food, put it on a plate, then use a forks to eat it. be patient between bites and then observe what emotions are created by eating the food you love. People create emotional values around food and eating is not simple, so the question is what does person desire to create in the emotional realm of food.

Here are some tips to alter the emotional-experience relationship when eating comfort foods. Make sure to not use your hands but serve the food on a plate and use a fork. The ability to change the addiction to comfort foods is dependent on the habit of emotional behavior being redirected into and finding other habits to consume comfort foods so you don’t duplicate the same behaviors, the goal is stop repetition of the same behavior with comfort food that is why you eat it differently each time. Each time you eat comfort food different , so that the brain can look at the food and realize what it is doing. Habitual behavior is a repeatable one, so changing the manner in which people eat comfort food doesn’t let the brain feel emotionally connected to the food. This is similar to the addictive emotional state in which the individual has to break the emotional attachment to food that is comfort food. Changes in emotional patterns associated with food comforts can disrupt the mind’s emotional connection to food. The goal here is little changes in behavior patterns that will force your mind to become aware of what it is doing and a an actual decision can be made whether or not to eat it, or how much to eat and realize how delicious the food. The changing patterns of thoughts and behaviour regarding the way you eat comfort food break the emotional pattern of behavior and affects what your eating. When you eat comfort food, it is eaten in a different way each time, it can alter the effects emotionalally, it will not allow the old pattern to cause the addiction state.

Emotional change is challenging within the struggle of dealing with cravings for comfort food and over weight. It begins with understanding what kind of emotional connection you would like to develop in your eating habits and knowledge of what foods can do to your body. However, how do you change this and how you alter your emotional response to eating, to create the most beneficial method of an addict is changing, one must be aware of what food is the purpose of food and how to plan events with food that promoter pleasure with food.

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