How To Make Cash With A Niche Blog Versus A General Blog

A Niche Blog Versus A General Blog

If you’re familiar with your experience in IM (that’s Internet Marketing) market, many people will suggest that if you would like to start a blog to earn money you’ll need to create a blog specific to a particular niche and then blog about it. And to monetize it you’ll need to engage in affiliate marketing such as ClickBank and Google AdSense and maybe sell books as e-books. Visit:- afamily viêt nam

They may also advise you that it’s going to be harder to make money from a blog that’s too general and covers the entire spectrum of topics and has no focus.

In reality, each has it’s own positive and negative points. Let’s look at a niche blog as opposed to a more generalized blog to help you decide which one fits you best.

The Niche Blog

This is when you choose one particular area of interest to talk about and then you’ll only discuss. One example is my husband’s blog about deer hunting. Now, that’s a pretty targeted segment. There’s no talk of hunting for elk small game hunting bear , or anything else. It’s just deer-doe and the buck.

Since we are near the coast of the Atlantic, this hunter seldom is hunting outside Pennsylvania, and so most of our writings are basing on his 35 years of experience hunting in the frigid winter woods.

My Bookmarks Blog is yet another instance of a niche blog because it is specifically focused on wedding planning and planning for parties related to bookmarks being used for favors.

Subtopics in a niche blog

There’s a myriad of subtopics to hunting deer too. We’ve barely scratched the surface of this because we’ve both been too busy with our other businesses. In addition, because we don’t have a hunter of the family, I basically have to “fake it” and then allow my husband to go through my posts before I publish them up on my blog.

What subtopics fall under the deer hunting category? We cover bows, guns, equipment and bows, deer hunting seasons, tree stands, etc. Then there are articles about camping, because many hunters camp while hunting as well.

And finally, there’s what you do with the deer once you’ve got one. It’s possible to make blankets from the pelt and lamps made of hoofs, and don’t forget all the venison recipes also.

On the bookmarks site, I blog about a range of topics besides party and wedding planning such as using bookmarks for fundraising or marketing for business.

How do you make money from blogs that are niche?

There are many ways to do it. I’m thinking of making videos together with my partner in order to make his blog a lot more attractive and hopefully make some income by putting lots of effort into the blog!

A few options for monetization include YouTube ads, e-books and affiliate links that are available with Amazon or eBay. I can film my husband reviewing products on the items he uses while hunting, for example, specific laundry detergents that remove the smells and odors of his clothes prior to going out into the woods.

Even with a very narrow specific niche blog that focuses on hunting deer, there are a lot of possibilities to be done with it. It requires time, dedication and some creativity But most topics regardless of how tiny they are, can be expanded and remain relevant.

If your blog is centered around particular seasons or events such as holidays or seasons, you could see more visitors during those seasons more than any other time of year. Wedding blogs for instance seem to receive the majority of their traffic from January to March, exactly at the same period of all the local bridal shows. This seems to be the time when most brides are beginning their wedding planning in earnest for fall and summer weddings.

Similar to my husband’s deer hunting blog gets quite a bit of traffic during hunting seasons.

What To Do With General Blogs

I prefer to think of a general blog as a kind of online magazine. You can pick up the latest beauty magazines from the newsstand and read stories about fashion trends as well as conversely. The “Ladies Home Journal” magazine might be focused on things to do at home, but it also has reviews of family vacations and short stories.

What is the reason for creating an all-purpose blog as opposed to one that is specialized?

Here’s my thought process for one of my site conversions, which started out as a niche web site focused on general transcription. It became an independent business that could be run from home.

I also had a separate niche site just for nail art. Both of these sites weren’t extremely successful on their own because I just didn’t have enough time to work on each of them separately.

So I decided that as I do the nails in my home in order to save money when working at home, it relates to working from home in a sort of way. A single blog with a combination of content opens the blog to anyone working from home and trying to earn more money and save.

That’s when I decided to create a general blog to talk about working from home in general and then I made subcategories to talk about nail art, transcription Internet Marketing, SEO and so on. And there are lots of good blogs structured the same way.

Which blog type better than one?

That’s entirely up to you. If you think that you’ll have more success talking about one specific niche and have a lot of information regarding that area and you want to create your own niche blog and stay with a specific topic.

If you’re enthusiastic about a number of areas and don’t want to to register five or ten domain names and build a bunch of different blogs, consider the general theme that any of your other subjects can be incorporated into quickly.

Maybe at some point you’ll want to become “the authority” of one of the subtopics and expand it on its own. And maybe not.

If you’ve got the time, passion, creativity and drive to make your one blog successful and earn money then you’ll continue to do it because you’re enjoying your work and your enthusiasm and excitement will reflect in your blog’s content.

In summary

You don’t have to carve out tiny little niche blogs if you believe you do not be able to dedicate enough time for each to make them all successful and making money.

If you’re interested in setting up a blog for all of your general interests that is a mix of subjects, then go for it. Make sure you do some keyword research for every topic, and if you can do it connect the subjects with the general theme of your blog.

When you’re creating your blog, be aware that every page or post which you’ve made is being indexed in the search engines by its own way by the keywords you choose. Create categories to reflect those diverse topics.

For making money from any type of blog, there’s AdSense, ClickBank, and don’t forget to mention YouTube! If you’re able create videos for every blog post, it will help you build a following more quickly as people can view you “in person” every time they go to your blog.

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