Travelling With An Android

I always feared that Android phones would be all hype and overrated, mainly because it was said that the Android platform was apparently fragmented, as there were several versions carried out on several telephones, applications were not always performed as well as in all not. . The phones. Android itself was a little immature compared to proven reliability and standardized Symbian phones interfaces, mostly Nokia. But over the years, the obsolete platforms disappeared when manufacturers are updated.

The identification is all the time a Nokia Stalwart, but eventually yielded and migrated about 3 weeks ago to an Android phone, like many of the legions of fast-growing Android fanatics. I thought I would strive with my confidence Nokia 5530 a little more, but I think the temptation to embrace that little green robot was too big. The personalization is the name of the game in technology these days.

My Nokia did many things for me, and in particular I trusted a lot when I travel. After unlocking it with a simple trick to give me the full access of capacity, identification loaded with tons of applications or applications, as it is commonly mentioned. When I bought my Chinese Chinese, Gran Bang-For-The-Buck, Android 2.2 powered ZTE Blade, I expect it to exceed my Nokia in terms of usability, given the hundreds of thousands of Android applications in the Android market.

Well, the iPhone has more applications, but hey, I’ve never really thrown through the iPhone camp, maybe because I think I want to support the losers more. After I had the phone for 3 weeks, I must admit that Android is not disappointed, and I’m glad to learn it, lived to his exaggeration. I like to keep my applications count to the minimum. Mainly programs that are useful for my life or organize by when I’m traveling. If you have an Android Newbie and you feel overwhelmed by the massive Android Market, here is a short list of some great Android applications (I’ve already installed them). If it is good, an absolute minimalist like me, which appreciates, easy to use, quality applications.

Bad news is that some programs do not free and the best programs or those with advanced features often require one to surround the phone, which means that it performs a simple hack to provide a full capacity of supervision on the phone so you can install an application. Or another change phone firmware with unlimited access. Roots can also cancel your phone guarantee, so it is not a good idea to receive your phone immediately before ensuring that you can be free of hardware or software failures. Better on your phone to give a race for a few weeks before it surrounds, just to the safe side.

To give details here is unnecessary, because there is a zillion app in Android applications, installing custom Android firmware and roots on Google.
Utility: (important as Android devices are memory and battery hungry)

Set CPU – Switch CPU Watch Tempo and manage battery optimization that you can customize profiles. Visit:-
Advanced Task Killer Pro – Autokill Running Background Applications
Easy Acceleration – Kill the background applications in a single click
Autorun Administrator: Avoid some applications automatically initial
Autokiller Memory Optimizer: Kill applications when memory reaches pre-established levels
Blade Buddy Pro: Settings Optimization at the speed of the phone
Plus Spare Parts – More Phone Optimization Options
Application installer – for application of the list and install them
Power Control Plus: To activate additional features and lever buttons / disable the plane, block screen, Bluetooth and many more in a single click
Battery Widget: Battery level indicator in percentage and shortcut to control, Bluetooth, etc. Show file drivers:

Astro File Manager – File Explorer
Root Explorer: If Astro, with access to phone system files
Launcher Pro Improve screen the Android Stock Stock and add more features
Sliveit: Oneof of the first applications I installed. Keyboard, similar to the most famous swing. I prefer slideit for its top speed and predictive precision. media:

Powerand – Absolute must be considered for Audiophiles, widely as the best Android music player. The sound is impressive with its 10 band equalizer with separate bass / soprano control
Player Pro (with optional DSP equalizer supplement) – alternative to power country
Rock Player: Supports the most popular video formats, including MKV and AVI
Document readers or editors:

QuickOffice Pro: To view and edit MS Office documents
Filled Reader – Bright view and edit PDF files. Free!
Reader Cool – Electronic Book reader who supports most formats such as FB2, EPUB, PDB, etc.

Easy Money – Expenditure Manager
Finch Todolist – Shopping, All and General List Manager
Checkitig Off – Daily Task and Task Manager
The Front- Built Calendar before – comes with a glossy widget of displacement also integrated with calendar
GPS and location:

GPS Essentials: For practical information about environment satellites and other useful GPS tools, it comes with a handy compass to
Google Maps: The best known. This is usually loaded preloaded on Android.
NDrive: Simple navigation that can’t rival Google Maps, but can be used offline. But maps land is not free. Web browsers:

Opera Mini – My favorite of all time for your speed and an easy-to-use interface
UC Browser – Well, well done, functional browser

Handcent SMS: An application of SMS much better than stock Android with features such as the instruction of individual SMS colors to contacts, SMS programming and many more
Go SMS – Hand Winds Alternative
English Concise Dictionary Oxford – Quick reference for English language enthusiasts and a practical companion for reading the electronic book
Currency XE – Free mobile version of a large currency converter to travel
ConvedPad – conversation utility that covers many categories, of length and weight at temperature, power and torque.
Many people download applications directly from the Android Android application on the phone. I prefer to download the relevant .apk file on my computer, transfer it to the phone, just manage the file and installation. In this way I can better investigate and review the programs before installing it. In no way is the list above the best. The features can be the same by similar applications, but the user interface and personal preference differ. I love simplicity and speed, but let’s go with what you want and need.

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