This article is to show beginners and advanced bloggers how to make money from blogs.
How do you start a blog?
It’s not strict. As we’re talking about, cyberspace has over 15 million blogs, so it’s not that hard.
How Much Does It Cost to Write a Blog? There are many free services that allow you to start a blog, such as Blogger and WordPress. It’s a good idea to use the free service to get the idea of ​​a beginner and feel like you’re blogging while playing games or moving around. If you’re interested in making money from a blog, you’ll need a less expensive account, usually about $ 9.99. As such, it will look and feel more professional.
How do I get a blogging platform? If you just want to make extra money from your blog, try these options. But if you’re really serious about ending an excerpt from a terrible 9-5 job, I highly recommend hosting your blog yourself (more on this later). I talk…).
Blogger.com: Blogger is my first choice. Very easy to use and understand for a 10 year old child. Currently owned by Google, there are limits to what you can and cannot do here. However, it is free.
Wordpress.com-Completely free and not too difficult to set up. You can customize a lot, but like Blogger, it has its limitations.
Wordpress.org-Same as WordPress com, but host yourself here and have basically unlimited options. You can now move around in the cabin. smile. Create a self-hosted blog

* If you use any of the above methods, skip this section *

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I’m sure you’re serious enough to make money on your blog and you’re looking for the best way to organize your blog’s look and personality. Therefore, the best option is to have a blog that is self-hosted by WordPress. WordPress is the number one choice for most bloggers. Domain name purchase ($ 10 / year) Blog hosting ($ 10 / month): It costs some work and money.
One of the big advantages is that you can use your own personal domain name.
Please select a domain name

1.1. You need to start by buying a domain name. GoDaddy is a great place to get started. We recommend using .com instead of .org. Most people today are, above all, familiar with .com.
2.2. Please select a blog host

A web host is a website that pays you to keep all your files in one place for your blog. It’s like a container where your personal belongings are stored. There are many hosting companies. Please choose carefully.
So it is advisable to go with a well-known large company. It may be a bit longer, but at least you know they’re probably fine and it’s not difficult to communicate with them when needed.
Affiliate Marketing and What It Is

A good example of an affiliate marketer-there are millions of products. If you browse the internet and see a lot of photos and images of your products, they are sold 9 times out of 10 and are advertised through affiliate marketers. Simply put, if someone clicks on an image to visit the website where it is sold and decides to buy it at that point, the affiliate marketer will receive a commission for the sale. In some cases, it can range from $ 5.00 to $ 100.00 or more. There are thousands of affiliate programs, Clickbank, Commission Junction and Market health. MarketHealth is my favorite and makes a lot of money. It’s very easy to get there. (Click the link above to get started)

Do You Need to Make Money On Your Blog?
It depends on your dedication and your hunger. I didn’t know anything about blogging when I started. zero. I studied ass and searched the internet for “help” guides. Nowadays, things are easier to understand and there are lots of free blogging tools and software to get you started. If you build them, they will come. But if you build it and then do nothing, sit in your ass and wait for the traffic parade to arrive, you’ll be very disappointed and “they won’t come.”

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