How to Wear It: Men’s Plaid Fashion Dress Shirts

A new trend in men’s fashion shirt that I have observed is the use of a lot of plaid patterns from some of the more creative designers. Plaid is a well-known pattern however, it’s not something you’d expect to see in a high-end fashion shirt. It’s more likely to prefer to see it in a casual flannel t-shirt or a casual shirt. Plaid is a popular pattern that high-end men’s fashion designers are using more often, so we need to think about how best to include it in our wardrobes.

Let’s first discuss the differences between plaid shirts made specifically for men and the ones worn by dads for camping. They differ in the fabric they are constructed from. The casual plaid shirt is typically done on quần áo nam heavier flannel or other fabrics. The thinner fabrics are not likely to have the same sharp appearance like the clean appearance of a fine cotton dress shirt. Casual plaid clothes are able to be tailored to fit a variety of body types , and offer ample space for the lower part of the torso. Men’s styles of today are typically slim fitting. Personally I prefer a more slim shape. The shirts they offer are quite different from the camping shirts Dad wore.

What is the best way and place we wear these new designs? They are versatile, and that’s what I love about these patterns. Personally, I like wearing them with dark jeans on a night out. Plaid has a casual feel unlike a satin-colored solid color shirt. However, the slim fit and sharp collar will help you appear more thoughtful and professional. These shirts look great with the sleeves rolled up when you’ve been putting in a hard-working shift at the dancefloor. Make sure you keep your sleeves and your overall appearance being professional by folding your sleeves back into folds that correspond to the width of your cuff. This will keep them from rolling and at the exact time will keep the upper arm of the shirt from becoming a bunched up mess. You’ll want to keep that upper-arm portion smooth to show off those hours you’ve spent at the fitness center.

If you want to go for a more casual or a more dressed-up style, I usually wear a blazer or solid colored sweater on top of my plaid shirt. This is one of those cases in which displaying less of the design helps it stand out and really will have people asking you where you bought your dress shirt.

The latest fashion in men’s style shirts is extremely appealing to me. Plaid is a versatile pattern that can be both conservative and attractive depending on the way you use it. For me, anything like this where I can purchase one shirt and express my style in ways is definitely a good thing.

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