Be Green – Buy Organic

There’s no better method of attempting to “Be Green” than buying and eating organic food and products. It’s difficult to manage everything in my daily routine, but one thing I’m able to control is what I put into and on my body. I’m a firm believer in using all certified organic products and ingredients if it is possible. It’s just so sensible. And it’s so ” Green.”

In the kitchen I always use certified organic ingredients if at all possible. I’ll substitute another ingredient if I’m not able to find what I need that is organic, that’s how important it is for me. I don’t eat at restaurants unless I can be the fact that the food they serve is made using organically certified ingredients. Do Buy marijuana in Australia, I make exceptions? Yes it is possible, but I’ll usually attempt to inform  While it’s true that organic the server know that I’d prefer organic alternatives and recommend they look into it. While it’s true that organic foods and clothing are more expensive than items that aren’t however, I believe that spending a few cents or even dollars more is worthwhile when you consider the potential benefits.

Positive benefits of better health will mean fewer visits to the doctor’s clinic; the potential benefits of better and healthier water as well as the potential for positive long-term impact on our environment are everything worth it. These are only a few positive aspects which are more than worth the price increase to me. The negative potentials of paying lower and buying chemically soaked and permeated clothes and foods do not justify the trade off. I don’t think so. Without getting too maudlin, cancer rates in the United States are rising and so are autoimmune diseases that were not commonplace a hundred years ago. What has changed? There’s a good argument that the way our food is being mass-produced and processed using a myriad of chemicals may be making a big difference. There are few non-certified organic products that have not coated or processed by a harmful chemical.

The one crop I know for sure isn’t is hemp due to the natural resistance of pests to it however, there’s an ongoing embargo against growing hemp across the U.S. due to the government’s inability to distinguish between cannabis and hemp. It’s unfortunate because it’s an amazing crop for food, clothing as well as other items and the environment. As compared to cotton’s role as a plant and the amount of pesticides necessary for its cultivation and the negative effects growing it can have on the earth, hemp is hands down superior in every aspect. All currently available U.S. hemp products are imported from different countries. I carried a purse made of hemp , which I purchased for $10. It held up for ten years. The many health benefits that come with ingesting hemp foods are also excellent. In addition to hemp, I tend to keep my distance from all organic products that are certified organic; as otherwise I’m incapable to know what toxins I’m taking into my body. There’s only one body I have, and I’d like to keep it as long as possible and as healthy as is possible.

In the event that we consume food products in a manner that is aided by huge amounts of pesticides, regardless of whether we think about it or not we’re intentionally putting the body with toxins. Who in our right mind drink the poison of a bottle on purpose? Of course not. However, when we consume non-organic food items, it’s basically the way we’re going. To me, organic food is tastier than non-organic foods. Organically grown products have been discovered to have higher levels of nutrients than non-organic food items.

There is something more “green” than eating organic food items or buying organically made products because it’s not just the products and foods which are affected. The entire process is affected from growing to production and manufacture; and as increasing numbers of crops are organically grown less pesticides are leaking into the soil, air and water; more arable land is being conserved to ensure a healthy and sustainable future production; less animals are being subjected to poisonous food items they’re not designed to consume and fewer animals are treated with antibiotics in order to fight the infections brought on by incompatible foods they’re forced to consume; less water sources are poisoned… it’s easy to can get the idea.

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