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Roof materials can protect your home from the elements and can reduce your energy bill. Homeowners usually look for innovative methods of cooling their homes to keep their homes cool, while shaving a few bucks off their monthly electricity bill. This is especially true during the summer months in hot states such as Utah as well as Arizona. While it occurs to most people that they could turn the air conditioning off whenever they go on errands or to vacation, or utilize fans that require less power as the temperature becomes more bearable as the temperature drops, roof technology from a scientific perspective can be a viable solution to keep you from sweltering during summer.

Living Green magazine reports that traditional black roofs absorb light and heat from the sun. This is partly why densely populated urban areas can be extremely uncomfortable in the middle of the summer heat. One solution is installing roof panels that reflect light or coats, that reflect sunbeams back to the earth.

While profiling long-time roofing technology advocates, Clinton Administration energy policy advisor and Commissioner for the California Energy Commission Arthur H. Rosenfeld, Grist magazine offers more details about the ecological benefits of reflective roofing. If less heat is trapped on Earth, the amount of greenhouse gases that get stuck within the air actually goes down According to the source.

In a hypothetical scenario in which all cities of temperate or tropical areas converted the tops of their buildings into white roofs and it could cut the carbon emissions of the planet by about the same amount as in the event that the Earth contained 300 million fewer automobiles, says Living Green. Visit:- https://www.arizonaroofdoctors.com/

Rosenfeld has been a champion of efficient and energy-efficient roofing to conserve energy in addition to its ability to help reduce the amount of smog. But this feature might not be applicable to people who live in rural or suburban regions where pollution isn’t a problem.

However, that doesn’t mean advances in roofing technology can only be applied to cities. Take the example of the roof of an Australian desert property that’s featured with Jetson Green. Not only is the roof white to prevent the sun from beating down on the home, but it’s actually a second roof raised above the first. The roofs’ elevation creates the air layer between the building and the sky’s blistering heat.

It is possible to have white reflective panels, or white elastomeric coatings do the best job of redirecting sunlight. This is in spite of Living Green’s findings that white roofing isn’t aesthetically preferable for residential buildings. However, scientists who specialize in sunlight have come up with ways for roof panels as well as coatings with darker hues to deflect heat, although not as efficiently like white roofs.

The Cool Roof Rating Council reports that you could save up to 30 percent on summer utility bills with an energy-efficient roof. If you’re thinking of remodeling your house or like to pay less for electricity in the summer, your local construction firm can provide you with information on the best cool roofing technology for your home.

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