Smart Cities: A Brave

Kerala is a state in India. Kerala has been undergoing a transition between the ruling left-wing and Congress-led parties every five years , as if it were an annual routine. Although political commentators refer to it as the ‘anti-incumbency factor’ it is actually the case that the inhabitants of Kerala are, with their well-known literacy rates are able to think, speak about, eat and drink politics. The heightened political consciousness of the Keralans affects their political responsibilities too.

The frequent changes in power has caused the state of Kerala with no significant advancements in the fields of technological development or industrialization. Kerala is known for its frequent labor issues and the much-dreaded “strikes”. Six years after the British left the shores of Kerala, Kerala remains deeply mired in a culture of work that hinders industrial development.

While states such as Tamilnadu, Karnataka, Maharashtra Gujarat, Haryana, and a host of other states jumped on the bandwagon of Information Technology and welcomed multi-national companies with open arms, Kerala took a smug attitude and shut down these companies .

After the passing of time that it became clear to officials of the Kerala government that increasing problems of unemployment and the absence of industrial development could be addressed only if radical political modifications were made .

In the year 2003, the then Congress-led government announced an ambitious plan to construct an Technology Park which would house media services, IT-enabled services and Biotechnology institutes in Kochi the capital of commerce in the State of Kerala.

The process would be executed by a total participation of private enterprises with the government contributing with the land at a fair cost as well as other infrastructure facilities such as water, Visit:- power and other revenue opportunities. In return , the private investor will provide employment for the highly skilled young professionals from the state, thus decreasing the problem of unemployment.

It was the Dubai Internet City, infrastructure developers and service providers were invited to work on the project’s details and to sign an MOU with the government. The entire project nearly was deemed to be a failure with a significant amount of pressure being directed at the government, with opposition parties, environmentalists, and others raising an uproar about how the state’s resources would be squandered and the green environment completely destroyed.

After a tumultuous time of heated debates and a change in government the MOU was signed by the Dubai Internet City. It is expected that the Smart City at Kochi would be constructed on the 1000 acres of land adjacent to the state-owned Info Park on the outskirts of the city. The built-up area is more than 8.8million square feet and 6.2million Sq.Ft for IT-related industries in particular The Smart City at Kochi would be one of the biggest Technology Parks in India.

After getting the ambiguities regarding the project out of the way The DIC team visited the land proposed for development and expressed their satisfaction. The Smart City located in Kochi will extend Dubai Internet City. Dubai Internet City located in Dubai. A self-contained campus that includes housing, schools, and an entertainment complex this Smart City will help facilitate the operation of companies in information and communication technology. Smart City will function similarly to the Smart City will operate just as the DIC that offers foreign businesses 100 percent free tax ownership and 100% return of profits and capital without limitations on currency, simple registration and licensing, strict cybersecurity regulations, and protection of intellectual property.

If it is approved when it is completed, when it is completed, the Smart City Project would put the State of Kerala on the IT map around the globe and free the state from the self-imposed shackles of outdated beliefs and ineffective methods.

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