5 Habits to Improve the Health of Your Joints

What does this do to your health? Slowly, your body can cease to move due to the neurological structural changes caused by sitting for long periods of time. This could even affect your mortality. This is why sitting can increase your chance of dying!! Physical inactivity can cause about 6% of all deaths in the world. The World Health Organization recommends that adults participate in moderate-intensity physical activity throughout the week to reduce the risk of developing chronic diseases, including cardiovascular disease as well as type 2 diabetes mellitus, and certain cancers.

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Humans are made to move. To ensure that our bodies are functioning properly it is essential to utilize all joints and muscles. The pain you experience is constant when you stop working your muscles. Joints that are tightened become fragile and cartilage starts to break down.

People spend a lot of time at the gym to build their muscles and hearts. But, no one is getting on the right track to improve the health of men and women with flexible joints that are strong and flexible.

But having flexible and strong joints will make you limber stronger, more agile, and less injury prone. Imagine being able to bend down to grab something off the ground, if your hips and pelvis joints are flexible.

Five things you can do to help your joints.

  1. Sit less

As previously mentioned, those who sit more live less. Sitting can reduce nerve signals that travel that travel from your body to your brain and back, reduces blood flow, tightens muscles , and does not allow nutrients to flow into joints and flush out toxins. Sitting causes lower back and hip pain.

“But Dr. Herr I work as a driver or use a computer every day long”. Set a timer and then take a break and walk around every 25 minutes. If you work on a computer, get the standing desk or work standing for a bit.

  1. Do you do joint mobility as well as foam rolling?

Do some joint mobility in the morning. You have been sleeping and sleeping in a slumber Joint mobility is a great method to prepare your joints ready to go out in the morning. If you’ve ever had pets what is the first thing they do upon waking up? They move!

Foam rolling. Foam rolling is a great method to tone and loosen your muscles. They will fall asleep if they don’t receive enough stimulation.

If you need assistance we can help you. Contact us for joint mobility exercises or foam rolling.

  1. Take a walk

The act of walking can cause joints to move. Walking causes your joints to decompress and compress to release toxins and nutrients out.

  1. Collagen and Vitamin C are two proteins that you can utilize to strengthen your joints. Vitamin C assists in the creation of collagen as well.
  1. Maintain good spinal structure and keep it free from Neuro- Structural shifts

It’s no surprise that keeping a healthy spine essential for optimal joint function. Think about it that if your hips are off on the right side of your body, how much more strain is it putting on your right ankle and knee. More pressure means more wear and tear.

A teacher I had often said in class “Movement is the key to life”. Spend a few minutes focusing on your joint health. Your body will be thankful.

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