How Epic Fantasy Fails Us

Epic fantasy is not a fugitive literature to read just for fun. This is a serious literary form (hence email) that addresses the big questions in a character’s life. And thus, it helps us to understand ourselves and to see big questions in our own lives. But epic fantasy uses certain tools to help the hero overcome the darkness of his challenges. And this tool doesn’t exist for us, and this is where epic fantasy fails.
These are not dragons or fantasy worlds

The fact that there are dragons and supernatural animals in epic fantasy does not spoil the story. This is a good metaphor, as we all face animals and dragons in our lives. And these are not fantasy worlds full of strange environments, languages, and beings. If you take a step back and look at the world we live in, you will find that it is also full of strange environments and languages. And existence. Visit:- Dragon City Guide
Steps that every hero must take

Joseph Campbell explains the steps a hero must follow in his work The Hero with a Thousand Faces. These steps haven’t changed during centuries of epic fantasy writing.
Even if you’re not familiar with Joseph Campbell’s work, you can still see the steps the hero takes. The first step is a call for action that the average adolescent is required to search. The second step is to reject this call. The young man can’t believe this is what he has to do, so he resists it. “I can’t do that. I’m just an ordinary person.” Of course, he quickly pulls it back, accepts the challenge, and goes beyond the necessary steps. These steps are highly recognized as a standard form of epic fantasy and can be seen in many movies. All these steps that a hero goes through are very relevant to us as humans, except for one.
Early on his journey, our epic fantasy hero meets a mentor who has a deeper understanding of the world and the challenges our heroes will soon face. This mentor is usually a magician with extraordinary powers and abilities, giving our young hero his wisdom and using his magic to pave the way for him. But this is where epic fantasy deviates from the reality we experience. No magician in our world knows everything. Everyone on this big blue earth is as confused as everyone else, and we all come across a cave staring at the shadow of the wall. This is where epic fantasy fails. No omniscient magician can guide us through this epic that we are all alive.

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