How They Rip-Off Single Men

Every man in the world has different tastes for women. Some prefer women with similar life experiences, while others seek single women with different perspectives and cultures. We are all unique and special, so it’s all about taste and personality. To reach out to women in remote areas, some men chose to use bridal agencies for mail-order sales. The idea of ​​using a local “matchmaker” abroad is a good idea, but every day men are exploited and sacrificed by malicious institutions. So what should you keep in mind before signing up for an agency?
When visiting a mail-order website, the first thing someone looks for is a picture of a woman. The difference between images on regular dating sites and mail-order bridal sites is often important. Women who are truly looking for love on dating sites share photos with friends, family and even themselves.

There is one thing they all have in common. It’s real.
By comparison, mail-order photos are usually taken by professional photographers with expensive cameras, lighting and editing equipment to make women look the best. Men often claim that something “doesn’t look right”, so everything gives the impression that they feel dishonest or false. Visit:-

In the photo, the woman may be wearing a mini dress bikini or high boots. Whatever it is, everything immediately makes you feel “cheating”.

Guess what you are … If you are 99.9%, and if you need proof, do your homework. Go to YouTube and type “mail order girlfriend scam” or go to Google and type “mail order girlfriend profile” and you’ll find countless articles about this horrifying tactic. Another thing you can do is register a blank profile on your mail order website, taking into account the cost of sending and receiving emails.

Despite the lack of images and information, you’ll be overwhelmed by the amount of email you receive from “women” who find your profile incredibly interesting. I recently posted a blank profile on a major mail order website and received over 100 messages from a beautiful woman within 24 hours. Is it related to the $ 10 cost to open each email? It’s also important to note that you will pay an additional $ 10 to send an email. This means that you can only spend $ 2,000 on email on the first day. Did you say that attaching a photo would increase the cost of your email?

Many sloppy agencies give you the option of sending a “gift” to a woman you are talking to through a website. On a major romantic travel website, men were offered the opportunity to send 11 roses to women for $ 95 in Cebu, Philippines. Keep in mind that prices are much cheaper because the Philippines is a developing country. To find out how expensive this “gift” is, I decided to go to a florist in Cebu to check the price of the roses. Note that the “Give Away” program is simply an attempt to empty your wallet and bank account, as one of the more expensive florists offered 50 roses for $ 70.

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