Everyday Items and the Future of iPhone Apps

Since the first cell phones came out they have been used instead of a wristwatch and the glowing displays of phones were used as weak flashlights. With the advancements in technology for smartphones that are smarter, it’s possible to use useful iPhone apps to replace other gadgetry. Let’s look at some of those awesome iPhone apps.

At this early part of this article, I’m not quite sure if the tone of my article is looking forward towards the next generation of awesome iPhone apps to come or nostalgic about the practical gadgets being slowly phased out.

I’m guessing this is myself mentally working out the details for me, and taking you along on the decision-making process. Visit:- http://www.tellbrandapps.com/

Cell phones can also be used as flashlights just as I have mentioned previously. It is now possible to download an iPhone application that can make the flashlight stronger and more specific. iTorch is an excellent iPhone application, is just one of many flashlight apps you could use. Your iTorch casts a bright light to help you find your way through the dark, and comes with a strobe function to catch the attention of someone who is in a room full of people. You won’t want to keep an extra flashlight in your purse, pocket or keychain when there is better lighting for flash on the iTorch application. Are flashlights going to slowly vanish into the dark ages of pre-smart phone technology?

The second use of cell phones as a timepiece that replaces wristwatches has almost phased out wristwatches without even having to use smart phones or cool iPhone apps to turn the tide. I won’t be highlighting any iPhone applications that transform the time into something amazing. Instead, I’d like talk about a new iPhone technology that’s just a few years away. You can already make use of the iPod nano and make it into a wristwatch , but soon , you will have an iPhone that you can wear on your wrist like it’s a wristwatch, but that will default to an amazing iPhone app that has some incredible time-telling features in addition to being your smart phone , with all your other cool iPhone applications on it. This is an excellent idea. It’s like wristwatches are going all the way around. The first watches that were cheap were almost eliminated by cell phones and now smart phones are again on the wrist.

I’m adamant that I’d be a bit disappointed if my flashlight went out, so the prospect of iTorch and other top iPhone apps dropping flashlights is nostalgic for me. I’ve not owned a costly wristwatch that I enjoyed and I’m not worried about the new cool iPhone applications that are making watches obsolete. Actually I’m looking forward as I’d like to have to own a wristwatch iPhone. The time is fifty-fifty however the most recent gadget I’ll talk about is certainly an improvement over other models and is far from nostalgia.

The latest major technology that smart phones like the iPhone have been gaining ground on is cameras. iCamera is a cool application. The smart phones are evolving into better cameras but what would happen if the most excellent digital cameras tried to fight back, turning into phones? This is the technology battle that’s coming, and I look forward to it.

Imagine your iPhone being placed around your wrist to act as an wristwatch. You could glance over your shoulder to a top-quality camera from a reputable brand. It features a stunning lens and is smart enough to integrate seamlessly with your iWristwatch. I can see the future of gadgets that are old-fashioned being replaced by iGadgetry powered with innovative iPhone apps.

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