The Aires Massage Chair By Omega

There’s a brand new air massage chair I got the opportunity to test earlier in the day. It is a brand new chair that is being launched from Omega massage. It’s called The Aires massage chair. In contrast to most massage chairs this one doesn’t have an electronic roller for the back. Instead, it utilizes an air compression system that delivers an incredibly relaxing and soothing full body massage.

The chair is powered by the air-massage system. The air massage system operates using the air pumps. The air pump carries the air that is pressurized through a variety of solenoid valves that direct the airbags to be contoured specifically designed to provide an elongated massage.

A common massage chair includes mechanical rollers that offer deeper penetration, particularly for back pain. The majority of massage chairs have the air-compression massage system too. The particular massage chair has only the air-compression massage device.

This chair provides a relaxing and soothing compression massage. It is specifically targeted at the calves and feet. It employs a variety of various massage techniques to relax and relax the feet to allow for complete relaxation. Visit:-

The design of this chair to be extremely pleasing. It doesn’t look like an ordinary massage chair in any way. Actually, it’s an exquisite chair to use to add a touch of elegance to the home, or office.

One of the most intriguing characteristics of the chair is the leg rest. The leg rest is hidden beneath the seat. It looks like an ordinary chair and not look like the bulky massage chairs that you’ve seen at the mall.

One of the most appealing characteristics that is unique to this chair is the focus on the calves and feet. It comes with 19 airbags, with 14 of them devoted to the calves and feet. There are two airbags that are designed for waist, two airbags to the back, and one airbag specifically for the buttocks.

The foot massage offered by this chair is simply amazing. It has an stationary roller situated beneath an arch on the feet. The roller adds an additional dimension of massage , in conjunction with the compression massage provided by the 14 airbags specially designed for the.

In addition, there is an electric heater that is located beneath the soles of your feet. It is often used in the sports industry to relax muscles, making them more flexible and elastic. This increases the efficacy of massage compression.

The remote control is convenient and allows you to easily get either manual or automatic massages. You can choose between manual or automated. Manual massage techniques are ideal to target a particular area like the feet, for instance.

Upholstery of this chair is a soft synthetic leather. This particular kind of synthetic leather is soft, breathable, waterproof and easy to clean. You can choose from the shades of red, black and grey.

The Aires massage chair is an excellent accent chair to any room of the home. It’s priced at a reasonable price of less than $1000 and has the ability to massage your entire body. It focuses specifically on the feet to provide relief from compression. It has a variety of beneficial features that can provide you with an energizing massage each time. It is the Aires massage chair from Omega is sure that will please those who appreciate the benefits of a good foot massage.


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