How to Write Celebrity Latest News

If you’d like to be a part of the profession of journalism, I suggest you earn professional education for it. If you’d like to see your opinion that you write about to appear in some newspaper, you can take a few easy steps that would let the editors publish your article or an opinion piece in newspapers or online publications. Here are some guidelines to write your celebrity latest news or write a review.

Who, why who, when, where, and how? Rule: This is one of the main principles of journalism. If you’re writing about a news story that is political or a new entertainment story, whether it’s sports news or current updates; whether it is celebrities’ latest news or business news, you need to follow Who, why, when and where rules. This rule is also known as “4Ws or 1H” rule. The main purpose for this law is to give the initial details about the subject matter of any news article. For instance; if you are planning to write a report or even a report on a celebrity, you would be required to gather the basic information by answering these 4 W’s and one H. Report writing begins with this , and one should use this rule anywhere within the report or article. Visit:-

The use of this rule highlights the main points of any story and can be used to gather data, facts and figures. Those who do not know about this rule, and then attempt to write their own opinions take a longer span of time and are more arduous than those who know about this rule and apply it while writing any report or article. The most beneficial aspect of knowing it is it is appropriate for any genre and subject. Your work will never look weird or incongruous if you use this rule.

Who who: The “who” section of the report or article allows readers to recognize the main subject of a report, which may be a specific person, incident or location. By ignoring or eliminating this part of the story will make the story unfinished and therefore not understandable.

Why”Why”: The “why” part is about the motives, the conditions, and the events that made the incident occur. It explains to the viewer the reason for the incident.

When: When is the duration of the incident such as the day and time of the day.

Where: This is all about the place that the accident occurred. One can say that it is among the crucial aspects of reporting. The position of any report has a significant and crucial role in it. compiles the whole story.

What: why and how are they interconnected, but there are a few professional journalists who still fall into these categories based on one motive and another. It is the general interpretation of any report which defines the use of these guidelines. If you do not feel that it is necessary enough to separate them they can be put in the same category since it isn’t really making a difference. But , it does not negate the necessity for this distinction since it is the case that historically there are reporters who have written very impressive reports with this distinction there.

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