To Blog or Not To Blog

Let’s begin at the beginning. What is a “Blog” and why do you need to know?

Simple and straightforward. The blog (short in web log) is just an online diary, also known as a diary where you can record your thoughts, ideas or thoughts using web-based apps.

A blog, however, can be so much more than mere opinion columns or diary entries. It is able to quickly develop into an essential news source blogs where the bloggers (people who blog) can link to a variety of news sources as well as other blogs.

Bloggers are the *construction workers* on the Internet. They build “Internet highways” that connect readers to one site (or the blog) to the next, providing an extensive variety of information. Journalists and publishers haunt blog pages in search of news or trends. Some simply search for news and gossip to share with their acquaintances.

Blogs can also be used to boost your online business or even your personal website. You can use it to offer tutorials or free content that you do not want to include on your normal website.

In fact blogs can even be itself a website it’s own! Blogs are built to be what you want they to be, giving you total and complete control over all aspects of it.

Using a blog can be very beneficial to you whether you operate an online company or simply need some sort of emotional outlet. * And, blogs are incredibly simple to make and use, as well as profit from, even if you haven’t ever created any blog before!

Express Yourself.

Let’s not even talk about a profit for even a second.

What would you like to do? share your thoughts, opinions or point of view observations, or simply let the world what you think about e certain topic or issue or what you believe in?

How about … simply sharing your thoughts with other people?

People are spending more and more time browsing through blogs and interacting through blogs instead of any other forms of online communications.

And that’s because a blog is something you personally own. It’s your blog. You can identify with it. Even if it’s not your own website it’s your website. This is your website’s presence.

Let’s say that you’re a teacher or you work in the office, or as a mechanic, or what ever you do for an income. It’s possible to share your thoughts only with the people who you work with or hang out with.

However, by creating your own blog, stand up desk, office desk you can tell the world what you think. Simply, express yourself and be heard by all the world. This is how you do it.

How Can You Earn Money With a Blog?

To simplify it, in the most simple way possible, share information with the world – with just a tiny difference. “Profit in Mind!”

If you’ve got a website on your own, use your blog to simply send traffic back to your website which is where your products are displayed. Write your posts on your blog, an overview of your product or service, comments, announcements as well as your newsletter and everything else you’d like to share or how you’d like to direct visitors to your website.

And …

If you don’t already have a website then the blog is your site. Make use of it as a website. Write product reviews using your affiliate links, banners, Google AdSense and everything else that you would use your website for.

Yet …

Don’t ever forget one thing – a thing that I learned through trial and error.

Don’t turn your blog into a pure sales pitch. The term “blog” refers to a Blog is an internet-based journal. A blog is most popular and recognized as an information resource – it’s a free information source. If you’re simply selling the hack that you’ve made of your most popular affiliate or MLM programs and the like, you’ll not be able to gain much respect If at all.

Be honest and share your details with readers of your blog, in the same way I am sharing this information with you.

The more and more you demonstrate to other bloggers that it is your intention to are looking to share your ideas and comments with others increasing the likelihood that bloggers will consider you source, and maybe even include a link to your blog.

If just one, I’m referring to just one blogger who links to your blog, do you know what you’ve done?

Just now, you have access to the major highway. Others bloggers are linked to the same blogger, and is linked with other bloggers and are connected to other bloggers, and to other bloggers, as well as other bloggers, and more bloggers, and …

You can see the picture.

There will be bloggers who visit your blog that are coming from maybe “20 blogs away” who somehow worked their way through links to get onto your blog. That means you’ll be getting visitors from all over the world and who’s guessing who.

How can you ensure that this traffic is very targeted one?

Be precise about your subject, and post comments, reviews, articles and such – exclusively on the subject. Links to bloggers who are following the same subject. They’ll also link to you as well and that’s the way it is.

Let me provide you with a few tips for making money blogging

Tip 1.
It is recommended to link to other bloggers who have blogs that cover the same topic as you are. Your readers will view your blog as a resource and save it.

Do not be concerned that you could be sending some traffic away to other blogs. You’ll be expecting the same treatment in the return. Your chances for other bloggers to promote your blog are bigger when you’re providing other sources. Your blog isn’t a dead-end street.

Tip 2:
When you write an overview of your product or service that you’re selling, be extremely brief and concise. Only 2 – 3 paragraphs. And those paragraphs have to be informative or educational. Inform and educate your visitors. Do not try to sell to them.

Distribute your information across many blogs. In a short time, only cover one feature of your product on each blog.

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