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6 Practical Tips for Starting a Blog From Scratch
I'm enthusiastic about writing, but I write mainly in my personal journal. In the journal, I record my thoughts and ideas which interest me. In the present, I've made the decision to start a blog,, which was not my top decision three or four years back. It was because of my belief that I needed to get rid of my uniqueness. Also, at that point of time, I wanted to express myself and not be thought of as a failure or being rejected. But, now I want to share my opinions about various topics that have my attention, and I'd like to receive feedback from one and all. In life, priorities change over time. Blogging has provided a variety of learning opportunities to me. It has instilled a lot of passion, energy and enthusiasm in me , as it's exciting and thrilling to observe your growth discovering new things often. I am sharing my learning from blogging , which can help and inspire other bloggers to come out of their comfort zones and start blogging as a fulfilling pastime. Therefore, below are the six practical suggestions for starting a new blog: 1. Starting a Blog - If you have a passion for writing and would like to begin a blog, please start it today. Do not procrastinate. Today is the day to start your blog. Do your best to eliminate all thoughts are misleading your mind into believing that you can't be a blogger. Don't let fear suppress the desire to do something you've always wanted to accomplish. Imagine the joy of being a follower of your passion. If you are obsessed with something, invest your energy into it and come out with brilliant blog posts. You never know when you might be able to help someone who is in need. For more detail please visit>>> 2. Continue to work without being negatively affected by the outcome. Keep your cool. Everything worthwhile takes time, effort and dedication. Don't expect to be a one stop solution provider to the entire world. Don't be entangled in the number game. It doesn't matter how many people are visiting your blog. However, it is essential that you make sure that you don't leave a stone unturned to delight the visitor. You don't have to be other than be passionate about your job. 3. Consider blogging as the case - consider blogging as a project. It is a distinct project that has a time limit. You can set targets for the number of posts that you'll be writing every week or each month. You can also focus on the topics you want to write about. It will help you to concentrate and stay focused on your goal. You must also maximize and achieve a good equilibrium between the time you have for blogging, efforts you dedicate to it and the quality of the posts you'd like to publish. Please always keep reminding yourself that blogging is all about the purpose you're trying to achieve. So, sticking to the goal will keep you motivated and focused. The other important factor to consider is the value you can add to the satisfaction of your readers. Always try to write with passion and write important pieces that will benefit people. It's exciting to know that the content you write today will also assist someone in the future later. Like a task, keep track of your progress, review the goals you have set, and read your posts from the perspective from a reader of blogs and determine if you are contributing value to their experience or not. If you do not plan your blog, then you are planning to not succeed. Therefore, create your blog, step by step like an ocean, which is full of small drops. You have to focus on the contents. It should be in-line with what you believe in and preferably benefit someone. 4. Be yourself, be focused and Enjoy the journey - while you pursue blogging as a meaningful hobby. Be you. You are here to satisfy your desire to make an impact in the lives of other people. It is your job to pay your bills and get recognition for the work you do. That's why, even though, we all want to have our work recognized. It should not be the end-all-be-all of your effort as a blogger. You should read the lessons from the classic book "the Monk who sold his Ferrari". Keep your passion alive. People who are successful have one thing they share in their commonality: they are driven by their work. 5. Inform people that your blog exists . However, this isn't an essential thing to do when you're building your blog and writing awesome posts. Utilize word-of-mouth publicity as a medium of sharing the great work you're doing. Beyond that there are other Digital Marketing Strategies. It is also possible to learn some things about SEO (Search Engine Optimization (SEO) from YouTube. Understanding SEO will give you a good amount of insight into the way search engines look for blogs or websites. The best part is that you can apply some of these suggestions quickly but the problem is that the majority of blogs and websites are reliant on SEO and aren't concentrated on their content. This reduces user experience but Google or other popular search engine constantly improve their algorithm for searching to ensure that quality contents are given preference. There are many people in our community who are reading and writing enthusiasts. You should contact them and ask for their feedback. Because they're keen on reading & writing, they are bound to read your blog and offer you useful insights through their valuable feedback. You can also share your blog on social media like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, etc to let others in your circle know that you are writing. If they are impressed by you blog's content and feel it's interesting, or helpful, they will visit again and the chances are they will pass on information about your blog to people in their network. 6. Establish your name You will be able to distinguish yourself from the crowd of self proclaimed experts but people are looking to learn the most relevant information from a reliable source. Thus, you should build your credibility if you wish for your work to be a part of the lives of as many people. You could write for several newspapers on the internet or publish your works on other reputed and more well-known websites as a Guest Author. This will allow you to build your reputation as a writer since reputable websites only publish quality content. Writing as a Guest Author will provide you a bigger reach and an audience. And the most important things is that you have to be reliable and trustworthy. Therefore, never Spam There is no one who loves unwanted emails.

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