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Blogging Tutorial
I. Overview of Topic How do you blog is one of the questions on people's minds at present. The blog has gained traction across the globe. Since 2004, when it first made its appearance the most popular way of having your own piece of the internet to express yourself has turned into a full-on flood. Nowadays, there are more than 120 million blogs that are being monitored by Tecnorati blogs search engine. No wonder then, that owning and maintaining a blog has become almost a fashion statement, especially for those in the U.S. When beginning a blogging journey there are a few tangled questions that usually beset one's brain about how to begin a blog. Let's begin by introducing the fundamentals. What topics are possible to be the subjects of blogs? Everything. A blog is an online personal diary on just about any topic you care to write about, from sports, politics, fitness to religion, health literature, freelancing, or whatever interests you. However, choosing a topic you're familiar with will allow you to write meaningful content that will draw in a readership who will read your blog. Without a readership, you'll quickly tire of your blog and it'll become one of the thousands of blogs that have been abandoned and lost in cyberspace. For more detail please>>>   What are the different categories of blogs used in blog search engines? Blog search engines such as Technorati and IceRocket categorize them by subject. The most general categorization however, is personal as opposed to. blogs that are geared towards business. Yours will probably fit into one of the categories above. Are blogs only text or do they come with additional features? While they're mostly texts, bloggers make their blogs more attractive by adding pictures, audio and video files. How do create a blog that is easy for users to navigate and attractive to visitors? A successful blog usually follows a clear simple format with clearly delineated articles as well as archives (in the form of a sidebar) and a section on the bottom for readers to comment. Some also include blogrolls, that are simply lists of hyperlinks to other similar blogs. The best bloggers are those who are able to be in touch with their readers emotionally, through the use of creative expression in many cases. To learn how to blog with the winners your most trusted source of instruction is other blogs - learn and study lots of them before starting your own. One of the best places to study blogs that cover your subject is What are some tips for starting blogs? - First, remember your blog is a reflection your character. Choose a topic or one that you are passionate about or one you're knowledgeable about. Correction, one you know a lot about. Be consistent. If you want your blog to become extremely popular, you must keep in touch with your readers on a a regular, predictable schedule. Make sure to publish at least every week twice. If you think that's too much effort, then once a week is the absolute lowest you can go, say blog gurus. - Connect/network. Connect with other bloggers by commenting on their blogs and linking to their blogs on your website. This kind of social networking can increase traffic to your site. Keep it simple. Don't clutter up your blog with unnecessary details. Select a simple clean appealing design. Choose colors and fonts that improve the visibility of text. Upload audio, video images, along with music, only if they help make your blog more appealing and/or useful. Do not stick your neck out - or not very much anyway. Blogs can become opinionated and that's fine however don't put your self at risk of having to pay for a defamation lawsuit. It's okay to voice your views - as provided you state that it's just your thoughts. But be sure to ensure that your blog isn't defaming someone, revealing sensitive information, or giving away corporate secrets. Okay, I've got the idea of how to blog. What do I do from here? For the first step, you first need to select suitable weblog software. This is required to set up and manage your blog. There's an array of blogging software on the market. Some are easy to designing and development, while some software offers more sophisticated features, such as the ability to include discussions forums and message boards, etc. Some weblogs are able to download and install directly onto your computer. Open source and freeware software are also available, although these software aren't so feature-rich as the paid proprietary software. This is a list of the most well-known blogging software: WordPress WordPress is the number one blog publishing software. Why? It's because it's a freeware, simple to install, and comes with the smallest learning curve. Its extensive documentation and step-by-step installation instructions make it a breeze even for the novice user. One of its best-known attributes are Simple installation - Even a newbie can get WordPress running within 5 minutes. Additionally, websites are made dynamically through the use of hundreds of built-in templates, drastically reducing the efforts and times. User Management - Limits access to users when you're making modifications in your weblog. In effect, you've got separate access for readers and administrators. Saves precious bandwidth through the Gzip function, which decreases the size of blog posts. Allows you to insert RSS feeds in your blogs, and assists in inter-blog communications by offering features like trackback and pingback. Comes with lots of plugins which allows you to include any feature you want. You can also connect WordPress with Akismet an anti-spam program that helps safeguard websites from spammers. Other helpful features include the ability to keep a database of visitors' names the ability to save previous drafts, blog previews and easy formatting. Want to see some well-known blogs using WordPress. Two good ones to start are: Ilovetypography and Problogger. OTHER WEBLOG SOFTWARE Typepad Created and owned by Six Apart Limited, Typepad is a web-based blog hosting site which is used by numerous big companies in the US including Sky News, BBC, and MSNBC for hosting their blogs. Launched in October 2003, Typepad is now able to boast that it's the number one paid blogging platform in the world. It is available in multiple languages in different parts of the world users can select from three subscription optionsavailable: $4.50/month for the basic plan, and $14.50/month for the pro edition. There are many features included: The software allows you to associate every post on your blog with a URL, and the ease of uploading and sharing photos albums from various authors has resulted in this becoming a vox pop for professional bloggers. So if you are a writer with a passion and you'd like to turn it a profession You can begin by signing up with Typepad. Movable Type The first blogging system developed in 2001 by Six Apart Limited in 2001, Movable Type hosts some of the top blogs on the planet including Huffington Post and Boing Boing. Built using Perl, Movable Type has the capability of supporting LDAP protocol for efficient managing users and the automatic setting up of blogs. This blogging system is beneficial if you wish to manage several blogs from one installation. It is loaded with every possible feature you could imagine including a custom template library, capability to create categories and sub-categories of articles, effective user management directory servers and hordes of independent plugins that can be used to support various services, including the creation of discussion forums. This blogging platform is an appealing option when you're a tech-savvy orientation. Text Pattern It was created by Dean Allen as an open source content management system, this is one of the most simple blogging platforms available today. One of the most valuable features in Text Pattern is its textile, which aids in converting simple text documents into stylish HTML web pages by using the built-in style sheets. Text Pattern has a built-in CSS editor that eases the process of altering the design of your website such as fonts, the location of the text and the background color. You can also secure certain sections of your blogs and keep regular track of the comments of visitors. The date and time stamp of each post can be adjusted as well as you are able to save your drafts blogs to be published in the future. The most appealing feature is the fact that Text Pattern provides a built-in search engine, and users are able to link XML feeds to their blogs. The ease of Text Pattern is its USP. For most people who are just beginning, the service is almost an easy choice. Blogger Developed by Pyra Systems and purchased by Google at the end of 2003. Blogger is one of the most well-known blogging systems currently. Google then purchased Picasa on April 4, 2004. It then then integrated the photo sharing features of Picasa "Hello" into its Blogger. Alexa is ranked by Blogger as the 9th most frequented site in the world, a sign of its huge popularity. Blogger has support for multiple authors that allows users to build blog groups. Bloggers are able to earn revenue through Google AdSense by integrating it into their blogs. Another unique feature offered by Blogger is a free add-in in Microsoft Word called "Blogger for Word" that lets blog users save their blogs directly into Blogger out of your Word document. Bloggers can also alter their blog templates to suit their own preferences. If you're a user with a Google email account, it's an easy task linking to Blogger and then write and earning some additional income.  

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