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How to Advertise Blog With These 4 Blog
Whatever your level of professional blogger or a newbie and as long as you're in the blogging industry there is a some ways, understand that leaving comments on other blogs can have a great positive effect in advertising your blog. But, this doesn't necessarily mean you have to post your comment on every blog you browse. The choice of a blog to write on is a skill that you can learn. Here you can find four methods to follow when posting comment to other people's blog. The popularity and reach of the blog. If you're commenting on a blog, which has only some visitors each day, you can't expect that a flood of traffic will visit your blog. Because the amount of people who reads the blog is lower this could suggest that only a small number of people will view your comments and visit your blog. If you are looking to promote your blog's existence by commenting other blogs, try to locate blogs that are equally or more well-known in comparison to your site. It is possible to use the page rank of a blog as a reference to determine how important this blog's page is. For more detail please visit>>> The blog shares the same curiosity to the blog that you There's really no benefit to post a comment on a blog that is totally unrelated to your blog. While a direct connection is not required, it's much preferred. For example, if you are running a blog that is talking about computer software it is not a good idea to limit yourself to making comments on another blog, which also talks about the same topic. Commenting on blogs about programming languages, which are utilized to write software, or others' experience using that software, can be an excellent place to begin to advertising your blog. A tip on determines the nature of any blog is by looking at the blog's description. If the blogger isn't a good enough person to be giving this kind of information, check their blog and determine whether they're focusing on the same keywords that you do, by counting the number of times a particular keyword was mentioned. Opportunity of Reciprocity When you start blogging the first thing you will be focusing on is the content of your blog. Let other bloggers take note of your blog and reciprocate. It doesn't matter if you're the first one to be contacted by a different blogger, the chances are they'd like you to post a make a comment on their blog, because you've got great content on your blog. Or in reverse, try to trace back the comment of your blog and find the site that the blogger who left a comment on your blog. Go to their website and check if there are any links exchange opportunities coming through. Find Blogs targeting a similar market If you're advertising your blog by posting comments and you're not restricted to commenting on blogs with a similar subject to yours. With detail research and planning, you are able to generate traffic by commenting on blogs with different visitors. For example, if have a dance blog and you find out that there is a food-related blog that has a high amount of traffic You might want to consider making a commenting on it. At first, it seems that there is no direct relationship between them. But, both blogs target the same age segment of people. Moreover, those two blogs could be targeting the identical geographical regions! If you're able discover a connection between your markets of interest and you can possibly come across a lucrative link exchange opportunity. It will also work simply by posting a comment on their site, with your blog link in the comment. This requires a lot of detail and cautious planning. The key point is to identify a common interest that you and your blogger partner share. You will be able to identify one by focusing on your target market. Returning to the food blog and dance blog example, given the target audience for both are teenagers, the approach to blog comment is that, posting a message on a dance blog about the most suitable foods for dancers who are likely to be competing. Also, posting a comment on a food blogs that explains how dancers could benefit from eating certain foods. If there comes a time when you want to simply respond to a blog article by commenting without thinking about an advertising aspect, it's absolutely fine. Even if you don't get any tangible benefit for you in the short period of time, letting everyone know your ideas will, to a certain extend, gain your reputation in the long term.  

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