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Introduction to Blogging
If you're new to blogging , or thinking about starting your own blog, or you have a blog and are currently thinking about how to make money from your blog, brief introductions to what a blog is might be just right. As the internet evolved to what it is today webmasters realised that people were keen to know which websites have recently been updated, and also had information on them. Web surfers were searching to find new and exciting information, and didn't want need to look through websites for themselves to determine if they had recently been updated. They needed a place where they could explore and discover what was new. There were some very sharp programmers started posting logs on their own websites which told their site visitors which websites were updated or had new information about them. These weblogs, as they were referred to at that time, were like an informal directory of "what's new" online. Weblogs, as well as the technology behind them, eventually grew and changed to become the blogs we have today. A blog is basically a website which is written in a relaxed news format that is regularly refreshed. Rather than be a listing of newly updated websites blogs became new news, and always changing sites in their own. A blog takes the same position online as the local television daily news program or newspaper do in their respective media types. Blogs are the place to look for new and fascinating information about any specific topic. For more detail please visit>>> The blog can be described as a website that is continuously updated with current information. Blogs serve solely for the purpose of educating and entertaining visitors. Much like a quality daily news program, or local newspaper, blogs offer an appropriate balance of education and entertainment. A great blog is one which has lots of content, offers you a new perspective and can entertain you during the process. For your blog to be successful , you must make sure you incorporate each of these three elements to your own blog as well. The most successful blogs on the internet have this done and succeed at it. When a blog used to include a list of brand new or changed websites, they evolved over time and gained popularity, eventually becoming the popular blogs of today. When blogs used as something that only a programmer had, blogging now allows anyone with no programming skills or HTML (hypertext mark-up language) expertise, to set the blog of their choice. The weblogs of old helped to create the blogs of the present. With the emergence of free blog websites, like Google's Blogger, it is easy for anyone across the world to start their own blog. Blogger works with templates and the process of registering for an account and creating your blog can take just five minutes, and you're going! If you are able to email and browse the internet and then, you'll be able to create your own blog. It's really that simple. It's also the best thing the best part is that it's absolutely free! Blogs are now maintained by both corporations (large and small) and individuals across the globe. In this day and age even your grandmother could have her own blog if she desired to. All she needs to do is create an account with Blogger and begin typing about her family, her interests and her pet, or whatever else she'd be interested in discussing. A blog for family members can be a great way for families that wish to keep in contact with one another. A blog can be an online diary or notebook in which you publish your thoughts. A blog can also be a more formal website designed to educate people on just about anything you are able to imagine. It can also be as professional or personal as you want it to be. Utilizing Blogger's excellent templates, you are able to modify the appearance and feel of your blog to reflect the kind of blog you want to run. You are also free to have multiple blogs and have the appearance as well as the feel for each blog different based on their specific topics. What's more is that both a personal and professional blog can have AdSense to make you cash! Online there are currently blogs on subjects ranging from work-related politics, world politics, relationships, frugal living and sports, religion, family life, children pets from the family, and just about anything else that falls between. If you're interested in an interest in a subject, there's a blog about it. However, if you browse and are unable to find a blog about a subject that is interesting to you then that can tell you that it might be an excellent idea for a subject to start the blog of your choice and earning some extra cash from it! You'll have to do a little background research before beginning to set up a blog because you couldn't find one that was focused on a specific subject. Blogs are a fantastic way to earn money online. The search engines love them as they're simple to use, and are extremely flexible. A WordPress blog can be transformed into a membership website or an authority website, a sales page, a review site, an information website, a magazine and more with the use of an appropriate theme and plug-ins. It is very simple and simple to earn money from a blog and this course is going teach you how you can make money through your blog.  

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