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Setting Alive Your Corporate Website With Social Media
The future of web-based experiences is based around people and not products - A bold , yet practical assertion that highlights the importance of social media today as well as the potential of engaging and interacting directly with your customers. Social media websites, which have become an essential platform for promotions and marketing with a rapid pace, could soon become dangerous sharks, with digital Marketing experts who are competing for a internet-savvy user's attention. But not if you have a well-organized and effective strategy in place! Social media is a powerful advocate of the client and the way the customer views your product service. It's up to you to make the most impactful use of the desired benefits. Remember this. If you don't have an effective Social Media presence, then you're competing with your competitors. A solid social network presence ensures that you are on alert to what your customers/fans are saying about you and what perception do they have of your company or your brand. This information serves as an excellent resource for developing the future strategy for your brand. This is one of the prime reasons that almost every brand today has the Follow Me (For Twitter, Facebook or any other social media profile) on their corporate site or any other online or offline promotion. An uninformed view is the reason why someone would want to redirect a person from their site to a different social media site? Why not keep the customer on your site for maximum exposure? Visit:- If you've got this thought in mind then your corporate website can be considered the initial connection between you and the prospective customer. Thus, the importance of making an excellent first impression can't be overstated. If you've captured the attention of the visitor, the subsequent step involves exposing this visitor to the kind of information that will turn this visitor into a client for your company. The distance between a customer and a buyer can be reduced through tweaking your corporate website in the way that your visitors stay attracted and (if you're lucky) get to share your company's product or service info with their friends and family. Let's take a look at the challenges which your company is facing in maximizing the value possible value from your website. Recently, the term "Integration" is being tossed around a lot in the realm of digital marketing and with great reason! Integrating your website with your social media presence could provide the boost your website has always been searching for. Being active in the social networking spheres is an amazing thing. What if you could take it one step further by aggregating the content from the social media site on your company's site? This would eliminate normal redirects that are common to a social networking site (say the Facebook fan page of your business) and let users login to their Twitter or Facebook accounts via your corporate website. In this manner you'll be able to get visitors to your site and introduce them to the content of your liking. This way, they can share the product or service info directly with their other online acquaintances. Take the example of Pepsi's Refresh project, which successfully integrated the social networking site with their corporate web. Another example is of Levi's official websitethat invites you to sign in with either your Facebook or Twitter handles on its website and to share its content directly. One of the major advantages of this strategy is that the content you post on your website is automatically refreshed and updated - say by regular tweets or select conversations from the top discussions on forums or blogs. This can be a low cost strategy to produce instant content for your website. A flip-side to this could include the deficiency of control you might have on the type of content that is written by your users on your social networking platform. The era of seamless integration has only begun , and the digital marketing market will definitely clog itself out , and it's now up to you to connect the dots in digital form to create a better roadmap to your brand or business.  

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