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Weddings have many aspects. They're enjoyable, but they're also expensive and require an enormous amount of planning, however, a wedding is first and foremost a legal thing. And as such there are specific steps couples need to take to ensure that their union is recognized to the law. They'll require a marriage certificate and, prior to that, the bride must make an important decision - to use her husband's name as her husband's or use her maiden name. You'd think that a name was just a name , so changing it wouldn't be such an issue and yet it's. In previous generations, whether or the woman changed her last name was never thought of. The woman used her husband's name , and that was all it was. In recent years, women have challenged this tradition. There isn't a law that states that women's names must be changed when she marries, so the decision to change it is the individual's decision. If you're one of the women who decides to make the decision to change their names to a different one, the process to change isn't difficult, but it will take some time. Besides making the changes with government agencies like the Social Security Administration, which is where it all starts, a woman must also change the name on all her documents like certificates, credit account, bank accounts as well as all documents related to insurance and financial including utility bills, property deeds, clubs she belongs and also at work not only in order to satisfy Human Resource and erning tax purposes, but so that a new email address and the business name can be created. And while you're going through the procedure of changing your name, it might be worthwhile changing your address as well. You'll need to confirm your timing. If you don't think it's in the right way then you can get the kit for changing your address quickly enough and fill it out after you have returned from your honeymoon. It's not required to start the process to change your name until about 2 weeks before your weddingdate, so do whatever makes most sense. Visit:- Another aspect of the name change process that requires carefully planned timing is planning your honeymoon. It's better to think about making reservations with your maiden name , if you don't have a valid identification (or A passport that has been updated) with the new name prior to when you depart. You don't have to experience any unneeded delays. When dealing with the marriage certificate, make certain to verify the requirements in the state you reside in ahead of the time. Each state will vary with certain states requiring witnesses of one or more and others that require blood tests and/or physical examinations, and other states needing something else, like waiting periods. Whatever the state that you reside in, you must be required to pay for a marriage certificate. The cost will vary from a minimum of $25 to a high of 100 or even more. You'll both have to be present , and you'll probably need to bring a birth certificate and proper identity documents.  

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