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Website Vs Blog
A beginner online often gets confused at the mention of a website and a blog. What is the difference? Which should I pick or begin with? What are the benefits of a website as well as that of a blog? Answers to these questions are available inside this piece. What is a website? A website is a collection of interlinked webpages on a domain with the standard HTML, PHP and more.. What exactly is a blog? A blog can also be an internet-based website that uses the Content Management System (CMS) like WordPress. Benefits, Advantages/Differences of a Blog over a Website A website is usually formal and has simple to business model. A blog, on the other hand is like a diary but on the internet. A blogger writes regularly in a particular field and visitors are welcome to contribute their ideas on the articles he writes. People can be friendly and less official. This helps to build strong bonds. For more detail please visit>>> A blog and a site have their own place. There shouldn't be any question of which one is more effective, but which is more suitable for your reason online. It's what you are trying to accomplish that determines which one to choose. Both go together. Below are some advantages/differences of a blog compared to a website. Blogs aren't expensive to create Due to the fact that every finger is not the same the primary advantage of a blog as compared to web-based sites is that it's less expensive to make. With just $20 (max.) you can have a hosted WordPress blog while it is quite different for a website. If you are unable pay $20 for a domain and hosting service it is possible to begin with a no-cost hosting service , even if it's not the best, but you can begin with it and not spend any money. There is a decent free hosting service from blogger, owned by Google. Using blogger you could even tie your blog to Google AdSense account. In this way, you will have hosting at no cost and can earn money. Isn't that cool? I also thought so, but I realized that this is not the way to go for real Blogging (professional). Blogs aren't expensive to maintain The fact that running a blog doesn't necessarily require being a professional, nearly anyone can run a blog, however, to create websites, you'll require HTML and website design skill. The ease of creating blogs has led to the greater than 130 million blogs online in the present and this number is growing each day, as thousands people who would never be able to afforded a website are now opting for blogs, and in some cases making a profit from it. Blogs are simple to update To publish a blog post on a blog , all you need to do is log into your dashboard on the site, write your article and click publish. In a matter of minutes, your blog post will be available to all visitors to your blog to read. If your blog is static websites, to upload your article, you first have to start your editor, FrontPage, Dreamweaver e.t.c. Write your article, then update the page's properties before you can upload your page using FTP software. Based on the methods you used, it may take months before your site is listed by Google. Blogs let you write text as well as audio and video. It is possible to have it online in only a few minutes this is not exactly the case with a website. It is necessary to pay the money each time you're planning to make an update to your website if not know how of managing static website. Blogs is organized by itself Blogs automatically organizes their contents by date and categories. And with a blog built-in search engine, users and engines can conduct a search on your blog and find what they're seeking. For static websites, it is necessary to personalize the pages. Blogs can be Ping Blogs can be "pinged" to ensure that Google is alerted every time you publish new content and browse your blog in order to search it. Although this feature is available in static websites, however you'll spend more time than you have to have an SEO-focused blog. Optimization (SEO), to ensure that your site appears within search results. Search Engines Love Blogs Search engines love blogs because of it regular fresh content , since that's the type of content that people search online . Search engines would not earn millions if the readers don't have fresh, regular articles to browse through. And so blogs tend to be indexed more quickly and in less time than a static website. Search engines also push blogs higher on search results than static websites, mainly due to it's fresh content. A static website may contain the occasional article, however they are created to advertise products and services.And might not be updated for several months. And most website designers tend to be more concerned with the design of their websites and not the content they put on the site and are focused on maximizing Search Engine Optimization to get traffic. Blogs let users freely express themselves via Comment Feed The Comment Feed on blogs provides the opportunity for people to express themselves in an informal way and engage with other people, thus creating a strong bond and trust between your readers and you. And that is the essence of blogging because once they trust you, they will consider you credible to them as a professional in your area of expertise. This means that in the future, if you recommend or present them with any relevant product (s) for sale, you will have many people patronizing you. At the end of all is why we blog or at least why most of us write blogs - to advertise and make money. A static website does not allow this, and even when it does, the discussions are typically formal. In order to make readers make comments, you must frequently provide them with something they can comment on which is valuable content. It takes time to blog since you'll need to keep your blog updated regularly with new content. Website or a Blog, which should I choose right now? It is all about the goal you want to achieve. This is the reason I've listed the benefits, features and advantages of a blog so that you know which one will meet your goal. If you're a complete newbie on the web, it's best you begin with a blog. Make use of it as a learning curve. At present, there's nothing you want to do that can't be achieved through the help of a blog.  

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