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Why Choose Organic Products?
For aromatherapists, herbalists , and other holistic practitioners who make use of extracts from plants (e.g. essential oils or floral remedies) and cosmetics (for example, an aromatherapist could employ a range of products as a base, for instance , carrier oils or bases creams) it is essential to select the best products. They should only be purchased from reliable suppliers, with the proper accreditations. ORGANIC Beauty and Health Products The term "organic" is not limited to how the plants are raised as well as to other elements including the ingredients of skincare products and toiletries, such as moisturizers, carrier oils shampoo, soap, and so on; it also can determine how these products are made. To be considered truly organic, products that claim the claim must contain at least 95% of the ingredients, and be 100% organic. Guaranteed Organic Products? In the present, the organic beauty and health market has not been given the same level of control as it is for food items, which is why it is so easily abused. The manufacturers can claim their product is organic if it only contains an ingredient which is certified organic even if it is just a small proportion of the overall merchandise, the majority of the item being made of synthetic. This can be completely unclear and confusing to consumers. The term "organic" is used by manufacturers to promote their product, to make it more appealing, and also to justify the rationale behind grossly overcharging their product. Visit:- The market for organic essential oils is highly competitive, and imports come from many countries such as Egypt as well as South Africa. It is also known that the claims made by numerous essential oils imported from countries that claim to be top quality or organic are not reliable since many oils are mixed by inferior oils or synthetic additives. The UK has a governance body in the shape of the Soil Association, whose founder member Lady Eve Balfour (1899-1990) started the organic movement of today. Lady Eve Balfour was a British farmer, educator, and pioneer of the organic movement . She was one of the very first women to be enrolled in the field of agricultural sciences at the first UK institution (the University of Reading). The Soil Association is renowned worldwide for being the most strict organization worldwide. To be certified organic through the Soil Association, the member must adhere to extremely rigorous guidelines, and also be open to inspections by the public of their production facilities and products to be sold. The strict rules do not just are applicable to the growing and cultivation of the plants but to the method of manufacturing and the ingredients of those products (namely being at least 95% organic, and only include certain additives recognized and accepted through the Soil Association). At present, there are six countries to have earned these statuses: Australia, Argentina, Czech Republic, Hungary, Israel and Switzerland. Organic items are higher than those of non-organic counterparts because of a variety reasons. For instance, costs are higher when it comes to producing plants to make extracts due to lower yields because of the reduction (or the absence or omission of) fertiliser (nitrogen) application; and the increased costs for weed control which is done using hand labor. To get certified by Soil Association requires an investment of a significant amount for research and development that includes specialized equipment for laboratories or other equipment to assist in conducting meticulous tests. There are many natural alternative to chemicals used as preservatives as well as anti-oxidants that can be added to the products, if they are needed. Natural preservatives include sugar alcohol, honey and plants extracts such as calendula cloves, cinnamon grapefruit seed, rose to mention some. Beauty products that are infused with oils and oils-based ingredients don't require preservatives. Naturally-derived antioxidants include ascorbic acid. Natural preservatives have been in use for centuries and even thousands. In the UK In the United Kingdom, in the UK, a Soil Association certified organic product must be the preferred choice over one manufactured in a conventional manner however only if it is certified by the Soil Association.  

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